06340 same day dentist

06340 Same Day Dentist

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Same day dental procedures in 06340

06340 same day dentist
06340 same day dentist

Sometimes you simply need to see a dentist. At our dental practice, Groton/Windham Dental Group, you can see our 06340 same day dentist for emergency dental care.

There are times when a patient needs to have emergency dental care. This is true not only for emergency dental problems of existing teeth, but also for problems that can develop with a patient’s dentures. At our dental practice, our dentists, including Dr. Dennis Flanagan, will always make an effort when patients need the services of an 06340 same day dentist. If you wear dentures, you know how important it is to receive immediate dental care in the event of a denture emergency. If your dentures become damaged or broken, you are truly left in a difficult situation. If your denture needs to have a tooth replaced, a crack repaired, or needs adjustment, our office will always try our best to provide you with prompt same day service. We know how much our patients depend on their dentures and tooth restorations. Of course, there are other times when a patient may need to have emergency dental care. Sometimes our patient can have an injury, or a dental problem may suddenly flare up and cause a great deal of pain. We know that our patients need to be able to depend on us for urgent dental care for pain relief, and to make sure that serious dental situations do not worsen. Dental emergencies can be caused by: severe toothaches; a chipped tooth; a fractured tooth; a dental abscess; an impacted wisdom tooth; a loose filling; lost or dislodged crowns; broken dentures, and many other dental emergencies. Sometimes a patient’s tooth can even be knocked out of their mouth, or inadvertently pushed back up into their gums.

Whenever you need to see our 06340 same day dentist, simply contact our office to let us know the reason for your call. Our office staff will arrange an appointment to see our dentist on an emergency basis.

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