Groton sedation dentist

Groton Sedation Dentist

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Groton/Windham Dental Group is a Groton sedation dentist providing sedation dentistry for patients who have dental anxieties. Our Groton office is open Monday through Saturday, while our Windham office open from Monday to Saturday as well. Check our website for specific hours.

Sedation dentistry is great for patients who are afraid of long procedures, or who may have a gag reflex or who just have general anxiety about the dentist. This kind of sedation is a type of relaxant in medication form that is administered into the bloodstream for a dental procedure intravenously. Patients feel as if they are in a deep sleep, but can still communicate. It induces relaxation and deep calmness. During the procedure, most patients do not remember much at all and time passes extremely quickly, making your procedure more comfortable. For a lighter type of sedation, we can also administer medication orally. Right before your appointment we give you a small pill that will relax you to help with your anxiety.

Our Groton sedation dentist recommends sedation dentistry for anyone who has anxiety with any type of dental procedure. We can discuss the procedure more with you in person. Sedation dentistry is good for root canals, wisdom teeth extraction and fillings. Our goal is to provide you with a pain and anxiety free experience for any dental procedure. We also handle full mouth restorations, routine exams, dental cleanings and treatment for gingivitis and fillings. Call today to learn more about our offices and how we can help you have healthier teeth today. Our offices are clean and comfortable, and we also create sleep appliances, night guards and other types of dentistry options for patients who need help in these areas. Ask about our teeth whitening and our veneers and cosmetic dentistry, too.

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