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Willimantic Teeth Cleaning

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Preventive care in Willimantic

At-home oral hygiene is very important, but by itself it is not enough to prevent cavities and gum disease due to dental plaque and tartar. Cleanings two times yearly here at Groton/Windham Dental Group, keeping your oral health at the highest possible level is our highest priority.

The beginning of preventive care are in your diet. Sugar is the fuel that causes film-like dental plaque to form on your teeth and at your gum line. Starches count as sugars, too, so try to limit things like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cake, soda, candy, etc. Brushing your teeth is a strategy that should be employed when you wake up and again before bed, with after meals being optional, but highly recommended. Floss vigorously at bedtime, too. You need to loosen up sticky plaque and dislodge any food particles. And, of course, be sure to schedule our Willimantic teeth cleaning every six months. It’s not just going over the same territory as your own brushing and flossing. Tartar is the hardened version of plaque that develops when plaque is not removed in a timely manner. Once it becomes tartar, there is no good way for you to eliminate it, and all the while it is working to erode your tooth enamel and irritate, inflame, and infect your gums. Just two visits per year for our Willimantic teeth cleaning is typically enough to stop the worst consequences of tartar. In addition, it reverses the effects of early stage gum disease (gingivitis), preventing it from advancing to the later stage of periodontitis, and the symptoms that are linked with it, such as receding gums, bleeding while brushing, persistent bad breath, loss of gum and bone tissue, and loose teeth.

The value of our Willimantic teeth cleaning cannot be overstated. Contact us now to schedule your next one.

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